Cilajet Aviation Grade – [Best auto paint protection for your car]

Cilajet Aviation Grade * – Cilajet appearance protection is applied to your vehicle’s paint, aluminum, and chrome or alloy wheels. Cilajet is a low VOC aircraft sealant, which slows down corrosion and resists contaminants. Cilajet car sealant is only applied professionally at one of our authorized dealers. The proprietary formula is an acrylic inorganic co-polymer blend that passes California Prop. 65 and the strictest government regulations as being safe for the environment.

Cilajet Aviation Grade - Auto paint protection for cars

Cilajet Aviation Grade

  • Protects against environmental damage, preventing harmful contaminants from adhering to the vehicles surface 
  • Prevents loss of gloss from harmful UV rays, sun oxidation and paint fading
  • Protects against acid rain, mineral deposits, ice, snow and rust
  • Repels contaminants such as hard water spots, salt water, road salts, industrial fallout, bird droppings, dirt, tree sap, oil, gasoline stains, soot, exhaust fumes and bugs

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