If Cilajet Ceramic is good enough for a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and an Airbus 380 … is it good enough for you?

ANNOUNCING CILAJET CERAMIC – the first TRUE CERAMIC formula which has been tested and conforms to the latest Boeing and Airbus Specifications.  If it is good enough to protect the surface of these commercial aircraft, imagine what it can do for painted surfaces of your car! 

Cilajet Ceramic not only gives your car an enhanced luster and shine, it protects against daily environmental conditions.  And, more importantly, it lasts!  Cilajet Ceramic will stay on the surface of your vehicle for years to come.  This helps maintain the value of your car as time goes on.  It also reduces your cleaning and maintenance time, and frequency of car washing.

Whatever the Weather…

CILAJET CERAMIC Technology has you Covered!

  • Aviation Approved – Conforms to the most recent Boeing & Airbus Specifications.
  • Incredible Finish & Shine!
  • Utilizes the latest in Nano-Ceramic Technology.
  • Provides 9H Hardness, increasing minor scratch resistance.
  • Super-Hydrophobic Properties, 95° – 100° Contact Angle.
  • Environmentally Safe – Less than 1% VOC.
  • Prevents damage to your vehicle from corrosion, UV rays, oxidation and weather-induced fading.
  • Repels environmental contaminants, such as tree sap, bird droppings, hard water spots, acid rain, salt water, and more.

Cilajet Ceramic is only available at authorized Cilajet dealers.
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To find out how you can become a Distributor or Agent,
or if you are a Dealer requesting more information,
Please email us at: info@cilajet.com
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Thank you in advance for being a loyal Cilajet Customer, Dealer and Enthusiast!