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Offer Aviation Grade Paint Protection at Your Dealership

Cilajet is the automotive industry’s leading ceramic coating that meets both Boeing and Airbus specifications. Offering the strongest protection against some of the harshest environmental contaminants, it’s no wonder why car dealerships all over the United States now offer this automotive fan favorite to their customers. Make your auto dealership the next to offer Aviation Grade paint protection by Cilajet: Contact our team to become an authorized dealer today!

Cilajet offers dealer reinsurance programs, preload options, and robust A+ Rated fully-insured warranties. We provide you a variety of technical training programs and support designed to help you maintain excellent customer service.

Why Become a Cilajet Dealer?

Choosing to join our network of authorized Cilajet dealers comes with many added benefits.

Attract Customers:

Imagine being able to market your dealership as one of the only ones that offers Aviation Grade paint protection trusted by Airbus and Boeing!

Active Referrals:

We field a large online demand of individuals in your area seeking Cilajet products, allowing us to actively send your dealership new traffic.

Increase CSI & customer retention:

Provide protection to your customers that the manufacturer won’t provide.


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How to Become a Cilajet Dealer

Becoming an authorized Cilajet dealer is easy! Simply fill out the form below, and a member of our team will help walk you through the details from sales to product application:

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Choose Cilajet Paint Protection for Your Dealership

Cilajet Aviation Grade is renowned as the industry’s best auto paint protection, conforming to the latest Boeing and Airbus specifications. Made 100% in the U.S. and environmentally safe, our paint protectant is the preferred product for auto enthusiasts all over the nation.

Our staff offers a broad variety of dealership programs, marketing, and support to assist you in offering the best paint protection in the industry to your new and pre-owned car buyers. From our dealer reinsurance programs and preload options to our A+ Rated, fully-insured warranties, we offer the programs and support designed to help you deliver excellence in all areas of customer service.