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Cilajet is proud to partner with agencies that market and sell products to dealerships all over the U.S. Our Aviation Grade paint protection is the preferred product for automotive enthusiasts everywhere, making it an incredible addition to your current dealership offerings. Find out how you can become a Cilajet reseller by contacting our team today!

Why Become a Cilajet Agent?

Becoming a Cilajet reseller is an excellent decision for any agency marketing and selling products to car dealerships. Recognized throughout the automotive industry as the best paint protection available, adding Cilajet to your product offerings is a surefire way to include a quality automotive product for your agency. Not only that, but thanks to our broad variety of products, you’ll be able to offer dealerships a wide range of options, including:

Automotive Paint Protection:

Our auto paint protection is a specialized coating that is the only product trusted by Boeing and Airbus.

Ceramic Coatings:

Designed to withstand years of exposure to the harshest environmental contaminants, our ceramic coatings offer superior protection.

Aftercare Products:

From car wax and shampoo to car polish and detailing kits, you’ll be able to offer many aftercare products by partnering with Cilajet.


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How to Become a Cilajet Reseller

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