The Cilajet Executive Team

We are a team of forward-thinking, industrious individuals who work collaboratively to provide the highest quality customer service, dealer support, and product development. Each of our clients receives the collective attention of the entire staff. Our diverse backgrounds, in-depth experience, and wide-ranging talents mean that the right person for any task is always present.

Brady Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Brady started his career in engineering, and moved his talents into the automotive industry in 2004 in Career Development for the College of Automotive Management. He worked as a trainer and Income Development Manager for automotive dealerships across the U.S. As COO of Cilajet, Brady focuses on new market development, agent, and dealer training.

Matt Reade

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt has spent his entire career in the automotive industry. He has multiple years of experience in sales, F&I, and GM positions. Matt took what he learned from retail and pivoted to variable training and consulting for dealerships. Matt worked at EasyCare where he managed multiple states and territories, including all sales and F&I Training for a TOP 50 dealer group in the US. Matt’s true goal is to help dealers and agents succeed, and he has brought his experience and passion to Cilajet. Matt currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Kara and daughter. When he isn’t working or spending time with his family, Matt enjoys playing hockey and completing all things physically challenging!

Seiko Kussman


Seiko is a Certified Public Accountant (CA). She was raised in Japan and started her career in the US as a bilingual public accountant in a Chicago-based CPA firm. Prior to relocating to California, Seiko had been an accountant for many multinational companies with complex international matters. What Seiko loves the most about being the Controller for Cilajet is that she gets to work with the amazing team members in all of the departments of the company, and is instrumental in guiding the management team. In her spare time, Seiko enjoys traveling and spending creative time with her son.