Ford Paint Protection

Aviation Grade Paint Protection for Your Ford

Protect Your Ford’s Paint

Since Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry, driving a Ford has represented more than just following trends. It’s about experiencing the rugged durability, innovative engineering, and iconic design that define the Ford legacy. From the adventurous spirit of the Ford Explorer to the unrivaled power of the Ford F-150, each model embodies a commitment to excellence. For those who value this unique driving experience, protecting your vehicle is crucial. Cilajet, a leader in Aviation Grade paint protection and ceramic coatings, offers products tailored specifically for Ford vehicles.

Our advanced paint protection solutions meet the stringent standards of top aviation manufacturers, ensuring long-lasting protection for every Ford model, whether it’s conquering off-road trails or cruising city streets.

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What is Cilajet Paint Protection?

Acknowledged as the premier paint protection solution for Ford, Cilajet stands as the exclusive choice trusted by esteemed names like Boeing and Airbus. Our paint protection sets the industry benchmark for anti-corrosive sealants on both painted and metal surfaces, offering Ford drivers nationwide access to one of the few Aviation Grade products in the market.

Crafted entirely in the U.S.A., our Cilajet Ceramic coating for Ford paint protection actively resists environmental contaminants. Remarkably, our automotive paint protectant goes beyond the basics, providing defense against sun oxidation, paint fading, and rusting. Choose Cilajet for a fresh, new level of protection tailored to your Ford.

Benefits of Cilajet Paint Protection for Your Ford

Aviation Grade

Cilajet is the only automotive paint protection and ceramic coating product line that conforms to Boeing Specification #D6-17487 and Airbus Specification #AIMS09-00-002.

Lasting Shine

With our proprietary coating applied to your Ford, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting, showroom-ready shine long after you drive your vehicle home from the dealership.

Reduced Maintenance

As an active repellent against the harshest conditions, you’ll be able to reduce the number of car washes and waxes your Ford needs to look its best.

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to keeping our environment safe, which is why Cilajet’s automotive paint protection passes California Prop. 65 for your added peace of mind.

How to Protect Your Ford’s Paint

Cilajet products are available at many Ford dealerships throughout the country. Use our dealer locator tool below to find the Cilajet dealer closest to you that offers our Aviation Grade paint protection products!

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If your Ford dealership doesn’t already offer Cilajet paint protection to its customers, it’s high time you joined our network of authorized dealers. Give your customers the benefit of long-lasting protection for their Ford vehicles by offering Cilajet at your dealership. Find out how you can become an authorized Cilajet dealer by contacting our team online!