Toyota Paint Protection

Aviation Grade Paint Protection for Toyota Vehicles

Protect Your Toyota’s Paint

As one of the most popular vehicles on the market, Toyota drivers need a way to protect their investment for the long-term. Cilajet paint protection offers the maximum protection for all vehicles, including Toyota. Originally developed for the commercial aerospace industry, Cilajet offers unbeatable paint protection for all Toyotas!

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What is Cilajet Paint Protection?

Cilajet automotive paint protection is the industry standard in anti-corrosive sealant for painted and metal surfaces. Our auto paint protection is a special coating that conforms to the most recent Boeing Specification #D6-17487 and Airbus Specification #AIMS09-00-002, making us one of the only Aviation-Grade paint protection products available.

Manufactured right here in the U.S.A., our Cilajet Ceramic coating offerings for Toyotas works to actively repel contaminants. This proprietary formula is even proven to prevent against sun oxidation, paint fading, and rusting.

Benefits of Cilajet Paint Protection for Toyotas

Aviation Grade

Cilajet is one of the only Aviation Grade automotive paint protection capable of protecting commercial jets from harmful contaminants.

Lasting Shine

Our proprietary co-polymer blend offers a showroom-ready shine that will have your Toyota turning heads wherever you go.

Reduced Maintenance

Reduce the need to constantly wash and wax your car, and enjoy more time on the road in your Toyota as a result.

Environmentally Friendly

Cilajet’s automotive paint protection passes California Prop. 65 for your added peace of mind.

How to Protect Your Toyota’s Paint

Interested in protecting your Toyota with Cilajet automotive paint protection? Our products are available at Toyota dealerships throughout the United States. Use our Cilajet dealer locator tool to find the Toyota dealer near you that offers our automotive paint protection products!

Offer Cilajet at Your Toyota Dealership!

Cilajet is proud to partner with Toyota dealers throughout the United States, allowing them to become authorized sellers of our paint protection products. Allow your customers to enjoy enduring protection for their vehicles by offering Cilajet at your Toyota dealership. Contact our team to find out how to become an authorized dealer with Cilajet today!