Testimonials – [In their own words…]

Jay Leno loves Cilajet auto paint protection

“It looks terrific actually…it really does look amazing…it does look a lot better, it’s visibly different. I hope it shows up on camera…it turned out great, it’s an impressive product!”
Jay Leno, TV Personality &
Exotic Car Enthusiast

“This is unbelievable to me, I’ve never seen a product work like this!”
Ryan Phillippe

“[After Cilajet] It looked like a different car…it has this glow and shine…wow, this is smooth, I had to take a
second look!”
Kenny Lofton
Former Major League Baseball Player

“I swear, Cilajet made my car shine better than new!”
Tia Carrere

“I have Cilajet on my plane, my Shelby, and my Red Bull helicopter! I love Cilajet!”
Chuck Aaron
World Famous Aerobatic Helicopter Pilot

“With over 55 exotic and classic vehicles under our full time care, it is nice to know that Cilajet keeps them looking as if they just rolled off of the showroom floor.”
Scott Elrod
Owner, AutoConcierge

“Talk about a mirror finish! This is an actual picture of the reflection of my home in my Lexus paint after Cilajet was applied. I am sharing the goodness of Cilajet with everyone I know including my client, the Bijan Boutique in Beverly Hills!”
Juan Forteza
Owner, Forteza Designs

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