Cilajet Car Care Wax & Polish Products


An all-in-one detailing kit complete with our most popular products


Protect your finish and keep your car shining between washes.


A unique formula super gloss wax for superior showroom shine.


Easily dissolve and remove dirt, salt, road grime & more!

Cilajet’s Wax & Polish products are known for their durability, protection & shine 

Polishing your car means more than simply making it look good. When you wax and polish your vehicle, it extends the life of the paintwork, helps to improve the finish, and repels dirt and debris. That’s why Cilajet offers an amazing non-abrasive Cilajet Gel-Wax that’s fortified with polymer resins and natural waxes creating the perfect finish. Cilajet Gel-Wax’s unique formula helps protect the surface of your vehicle and maintain the shine so it’s always looking showroom-ready. Our product won’t strip the Cilajet sealant on your car and won’t stain any plastic or rubber trim. The best part about our car gel wax and polishes is that you can easily apply them without needing to rub or buff it into the paint! 



NEED A Fast-Working Detailing Product?

Cilajet’s Quick-Shine Polish Is
The Answer!

This is the perfect answer for quick touch-ups, or to safely remove environmental contaminants from the surface of your vehicle (i.e. dirt, bugs, bird droppings, hard water deposits, etc.)  Cilajet Quick-Shine creates a slick, shiny finish that does not compromise the Cilajet sealant. It also aids in preventing contaminants from adhering to the surface. You can use Quick-Shine in between washes, and it will help protect the finish for weeks. It can be used on paint, metal, chrome, glass, or plastic. Cilajet Quick-Shine has a clean linen scent, is non-hazardous, and 0% VOC.

Benefits of Cilajet Car Wax & Polish Products

  • Correct Paint Defects.
  • Apply a Mirror-Like Shine.
  • Hide Stubborn Spots.
  • Eliminate Scratches.
  • Make the Finish Glossy and Smooth.
  • Extend the Life of the Paint Job.
  • Reduces the Frequency of Car Washes.
  • Improve the Resale Value.
  • Repel Environmental Contaminants.