Cilajet Professional Car Care Products

Cilajet Professional Detailing Products

Polishing your car is about more than improving its aesthetic appeal: Properly waxing and polishing your vehicle helps extend the lifespan of its paintwork, repel dirt and debris, and improve the exterior finish. Not only does Cilajet provide the best ceramic car coatings and paint protection, but we also provide after-care products designed to keep your car in pristine condition. With Cilajet’s non-abrasive Gel-Wax fortified with polymer resins and natural waxes, your vehicle’s surface will always look showroom-ready. Our Aviation Grade auto care products are trusted by professional auto detailers all over the United States, offering long-lasting protection that out-performs other car detailing products time after time.

Turn Your Car into an Instant Showstopper!


An all-in-one detailing kit complete with our most popular products


Protect your finish and keep your car shining between washes.


A unique formula super gloss wax for superior showroom shine.


Easily dissolve and remove dirt, salt, road grime & more!


Benefits of Cilajet Car Wax & Polish Products

Cilajet’s unique formula actively protects the surface of your vehicle and maintains its shine so your car always looks as new as the day you drove it home. By using Cilajet’s auto detailing products on your car, you’ll enjoy:

  • Glossy Finish: Achieve a mirror-like shine on your car’s exterior that stays smooth and glossy for the long-term.
  • Improved Aesthetic: Correct paint defects, eliminate scratches, and hide stubborn spots with help from our car care product lineup.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Our auto detailing products help reduce the need for car washes by actively repelling environmental contaminants.
  • Extended Lifespan: Extend the lifespan of your car’s paint by applying Cilajet’s industry-leading detailing products.
  • Increased Value: By protecting your vehicle’s paint with Cilajet, your car will be worth more when it comes time to sell.

Discover the benefits that Cilajet can provide for your vehicle by shopping our car detailing products today!