Professional Car Detailing Kit

Everything you need to professionally detail your car!

What is in the Detailing Kit?

When you purchase a Cilajet Care Kit, you’ll receive the following industry-leading products for enhanced vehicle protection:

  • Cilajet Car Shampoo 16 oz.
  • Cilajet Quick-Shine Car Polish 32 oz.
  • Cilajet Gel-Wax 8 oz.
  • 2 Microfiber Towels

Each of Cilajet’s products are developed with environmental protection in mind, containing low to 0% VOC. The perfect combination of care products for all Cilajet-treated or non-treated vehicles, our detailing kit is sure to leave your vehicle sparkling clean for the long-term. Find out why professional detailers and automotive enthusiasts alike prefer our Aviation Grade car care products by shopping our Amazon storefront today.

Why Detailing Your Car is Important

There’s no feeling that can compare to getting into a brand-new car. At Cilajet, we help give you that new car feeling throughout the duration of your ownership with our professional car detailing kit. Regularly detailing your vehicle is an essential part of protecting your investment. By taking the time to detail your car, you’ll enjoy:

  • Showroom Shine: Preserve the original appearance of your car to enjoy a showroom-ready shine well after your initial purchase.
  • Improved Comfort: Keep your passengers and yourself feeling comfortable and clutter-free by protecting your vehicle’s interior.
  • Increased Value: Detailing your car regularly will make it more attractive to potential buyers, and can greatly increase its overall value.
  • Easier Maintenance: Make your mechanic’s life easier by routinely detailing the engine bay and undercarriage, allowing them to easily identify potential issues.

Where Can I Buy Cilajet’s Car Detailing Kit?
Cilajet’s professional car detailing kit comes with everything you need to protect your investment for the long-term. Enjoy all the benefits that come with professional auto detailing by shopping our products through our Amazon storefront today!

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