The Ultimate Aircraft Paint Protection

Perfect for Commercial and Private Aircraft

Why Ceramic Coatings are Critical for Aircraft

Cilajet Aero’s industry-leading aerospace anti-corrosive paint sealant and ceramic coatings are specially designed to protect aircraft from the unique environmental challenges they face each day. Certified for use in both commercial and private aircraft, our ceramic coatings are capable of protecting paint from some of the earth’s harshest elements, including salt and acidic solutions.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings on Airplanes

When you apply Cilajet Aero to your aircraft, you’ll instantly gain the following benefits:

  • Paint Protection: With its nonporous cure, filling properties, and high resilience, Cilajet Aero offers unparalleled protection from surface oxidation, parasitic drag, contaminant adhesion, UV radiation damage, icing, and chemical attack.
  • Paint Restoration: Apply Cilajet Aero to all areas of the airframe and exterior surfaces to completely restore the look of your commercial or private aircraft.
  • Fuel Savings: Thanks to reduced drag, you’ll enjoy lower fuel costs for your travel needs.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Keep your aircraft looking its best at all times without having to adhere to a strict cleaning or detailing schedule.

What Separates Cilajet from the Rest?

Our aircraft paint protectant is a polymer-based technology that outperforms silicone and carnauba wax product every time! Customers prefer Cilajet Aero to the competition because:

  • Better Bonding: Designed to conform to the confines of your aircraft, our paint protection is like adding another, stronger layer of protection to your airplane’s exterior.
  • Better Resistance: The polymer-based technology used in Cilajet Aero offers superior resistance to abrasive materials.
  • Melting Point: Featuring an exceptionally high melting point, our paint protection is uniquely capable of withstanding the harsh environmental hazards that commercial and private jets seet each day.
  • Longer Lasting: Our aviation-grade paint protection is designed to last the long-term to help reduce maintenance needs.
  • Greater Protection: Cilajet Aero offers unsurpassed durability to keep planes protected for longer.
Protects Against:



Why Choose Cilajet for Your Aircraft?

Cilajet Aero paint protection is scientifically proven and aviation-certified for use on commercial and private planes. When you select Cilajet Aero for your paint protection needs, you’re choosing:

Aviation Certified Paint Protection

Cilajet Aero Paint Protection is certified to meet and conform to Boeing Specification D6-17487 REVISION R, British Aerospace (Airbus) Specification AIMS 09-00-002 Issue 3, July 2011 and Aerospace Materials Specification 1650C. Cilajet Aero is superior in its ability to protect your aircraft’s paint and clear coat from all of these elements and more.

Guaranteed To Restore & Protect

Cilajet Aero is an acrylic co-polymer that bonds to painted and metal surfaces at the micron level. Cilajet Aero offers an unsurpassed level of guaranteed protection and shine for any aircraft, whether you are leasing or purchasing a new aircraft, protecting the finish on an older aircraft, or completing a restoration project. Cilajet Aero aerospace protection will enhance the beauty of your aircraft compared to other waxes or coatings.

Adds Value To Your Aircraft

Cilajet Aero will help your aircraft remain in excellent condition for years, thereby reducing the need for repainting and adding value to your aircraft at time of resale or lease return. Cilajet Aero has been proven to reduce drag, potentially saving aviation companies hundreds of millions of dollars per year in fuel costs. Cilajet Aero is an exclusive aerospace sealant, not sold online or in any stores.