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For Commercial, Luxury & Recreational Boats

Why Ceramic Coatings are Critical for Marine Vessels

Cilajet Marine is the product of choice for marine companies and boating enthusiasts alike — and for good reason: As the industry leader in ceramic paint protection for marine vessels, Cilajet is proud to serve yacht manufacturers, certified marine detailers, and marine aficionados all over the United States. Boats and other marine craft are exposed to a broad variety of corrosive, oxidative, and abrasive materials. With Cilajet’s aviation-grade ceramic coatings applied to your marine vessels, you’ll enjoy unparalleled protection from even the harshest threats against your watercraft.

Ciljet Marine is ideal for water vessels of all shapes and sizes, including:

Fresh Water Vessels

Protect against damage from marine life, hard water spots, calcium deposits, and more for all your fresh water vehicles.

Salt Water Vessels

Our marine paint protection is designed to combat the oxidative and corrosive effects of salt water on your vehicles.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating on a Boat

  • Paint Protection: Enjoy superior protection from oil and diesel soot, UV damage, marine growth, and more.
  • Paint Restoration: Keep your boat looking as new as the day you bought it through Cilajet’s restorative paint protection.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Our marine ceramic coatings are designs to help minimize maintenance needs for all watercraft.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cilajet Marine is environmentally safe for your added peace of mind.
  • Incredible Shine: Achieve a mirror-like shine for your marine vessel that requires little to no maintenance.
Protects Against:

What Separates Cilajet from the Rest?

Our marine vessel paint protectant is a polymer-based technology that outperforms silicone and carnauba wax products every time! See how Cilajet Marine stacks up against the competition:

  • Better Bonding: Our proprietary formula bonds seamlessly to the paint of your boat for effortless paint protection.
  • Better Resistance: The polymer-based technology provides unsurpassed abrasion resistance you won’t find in other products.
  • Melting Point: Featuring an exceptionally high melting point, Cilajet Marine is built to withstand the unique conditions that watercraft routinely encounter.
  • Longer Lasting: Cilajet Marine is designed to last the long-term so you can enjoy years of continued protection for your boats, yachts, and other vehicles.
  • Greater Protection: Designed with durability in mind, our paint protection for marine vessels offers the same level of protection as commercial jets.