Car Shampoo & Wash

Cilajet Car Shampoo and Car Wash Products are Eco-Friendly!

Why You Need a Professional Car Shampoo

The difference between bargain car shampoo and professional car washing products can be seen from a mile away. Not only do bargain shampoos often leave behind unsightly water spots and streaks, but they can do serious harm to your vehicle’s paintwork. By investing in a professional-grade car shampoo, you’ll be able to keep your car in pristine condition without degrading its paint or value. Additionally, our concentrated car shampoo formula lasts longer than most other bargain products: Just one 16 oz. bottle of Cilajet Car Shampoo will last up to 16 car washes.

Benefits of Cilajet Car Shampoo

Keep your car looking clean and shiny with Cilajet Car Shampoo. Our professional-grade car wash and shampoo products are specially designed to actively dissolve and remove dirt, salt, and road grime without damaging or stripping the wax from your vehicle’s surface. When you choose Cilajet car shampoo for your vehicle, you’ll enjoy:

  • Showroom Shine: Our car shampoo products are designed to leave a streak-free, showroom-ready shine every time.
  • Reduced Maintenance: By actively dissolving dirt, salt, and grime, Cilajet Car Shampoo reduces the number of car washes you’ll need.
  • Extended Lifespan: Add years of life to your car’s paintwork by protecting it with our professional-grade car wash products.
  • Increased Value: By keeping your car’s exterior in the best condition possible, it will be worth more when it comes time to sell.


Cilajet Car Shampoo is Eco-Friendly

While other car shampoos might harm the environment, Cilajet Car Shampoo is proud to be eco-friendly and biodegradable for your added peace of mind. Our car wash formula is 0% VOC and non-hazardous so you can keep your car clean without further increasing your carbon footprint.

Where Can You Buy Cilajet Car Shampoo?

Cilajet’s professional car wash products are conveniently available on Amazon. Shop our product line through our Amazon storefront today!

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