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Cilajet Car Coatings Provide the Strongest Protection for Your Vehicle

Why Does Your Car Need a Ceramic Coating?

Your car faces many environmental hazards every day. From salt and dirt to bird droppings and acid rain, there are many harmful contaminants that can eat away at your vehicle’s paint, causing its beauty to fade.

While car wax and polish can provide temporary relief, they pale in comparison to the level of protection that Cilajet ceramic car coatings can provide. Our ceramic car coatings are specially designed to withstand years of exposure to even the harshest environments, offering the same level of protection seen in commercial jets.  Cilajet automotive paint protection is also perfect for every vehicle make or model.

Cilajet Ceramic with Graphene

Cilajet Ceramic is a ceramic polymer nanotechnology-based exterior coating product with graphene additives. Known as the strongest material on earth (even harder than diamonds!), our ceramic coatings with graphene create a more hydrophobic, slightly harder, and more durable shell for your vehicle. The unique formula utilizes the latest in nano ceramic technology to deliver a durable, ultra-hard (9H) layer of protection over clear coat, paint, and metal surfaces.


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How Does a Ceramic Car Coating Stack Up Against Standard Car Wax or Polish?

Standard car wax and polish can provide a great solution for keeping your vehicle clean and clear of unwanted debris. However, the strongest defense against oxidation, corrosion, and other harmful contaminants is adding a ceramic car coating along with your car waxing and polishing routine. By combining ceramic car coatings with your standard wax and polish, you’ll enjoy:

  • Enhanced Protection: Conforming to the most recent Boeing and Airbus commercial aviation specifications, you’ll protect your vehicle from things like acid rain, bird droppings, oxidation, corrosion, and much more.
  • Better Resistance: Using the most advanced technology, our proprietary ceramic car coating formula ensures the highest level of resistance to abrasive materials available.
  • Longer Lasting: Our Aviation Grade ceramic coatings are designed to provide long-lasting protection and unmatched durability for your vehicle.

Protect Your Vehicle with Cilajet’s Full Line of Car Care Products!

Cilajet’s ceramic car coatings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the level of car care we provide. Shop our full line of car care products to further protect your vehicle from the elements:


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