Dealership Paint Protection

Aviation Grade Paint Protection for Car Dealers All Over the U.S.

When it comes to Aviation Grade paint protection, Cilajet is every auto enthusiast’s product of choice. Capable of protecting against the harshest outdoor elements, car dealerships throughout the United States are proud to partner with Cilajet to provide their customers with the enhanced exterior protection they need for their vehicles. Find out how to get Cilajet products at your auto dealership by contacting us online!

How to Get Cilajet Paint Protection

Cilajet helps get Aviation Grade paint protection into the hands of happy customers in several different ways. Whether you need it as a customer, want to offer it at your dealership, or are ready to sell it, we can help.

Find a Cilajet Dealer

If you’re interested in having our paint protection professionally applied to your car, use our dealer locator tool to find an authorized Cilajet dealer near you.

Offer Cilajet at your Dealership

Ready to offer Cilajet Aviation Grade paint protection at your auto dealership? Find out how you can become an authorized Cilajet dealer by contacting our team!