Auto Paint Protection: Keeping Your New Car Gleaming for Years

Here’s what sets Cilajet auto paint protection apart from off-the-shelf products

Nothing compares to the thrill of driving a brand-new car off the showroom floor. From the moment you slide into the driver’s seat and grip that untouched steering wheel, you can’t help but feel an electric surge of excitement coursing through your veins. But before you embark on your first adventure, you’ll want to take a moment to protect your investment from dirt, bird droppings, mineral deposits, and the effects of the sun.

Cilajet’s auto paint protection will keep your car looking like new, longer. It forms an invisible shield that deflects dirt, insects, UV rays, and road salts that would otherwise mar its perfect finish.

In this article, you will learn:

Understanding the Need for Paint Protection

One of the perks of buying a new car is the simple fact that you’ll have miles to go before they need any maintenance or upkeep. Still, that doesn’t excuse you from taking good care of your ride right from the start.

Even new cars need paint protection—one reason is because of environmental factors. From harsh UV rays to acid rain and bird droppings, there are countless elements that can damage your car’s paint over time. Paint protection acts as a barrier between these harmful substances and your vehicle’s exterior, preventing them from corroding or dulling the surface.

And while you might not be thinking in this direction right now, paint protection can increase the resale value of your car later. Having a well-maintained exterior can make all the difference in attracting buyers and securing a higher price. By investing in paint protection early on, you’ll not only enjoy a pristine appearance during ownership but also reap financial benefits when it’s time to move on from your beloved ride.

Cilajet Ceramic Paint Protection: What Sets It Apart

Cilajet is the leader in ceramic paint protection, offering Aviation Grade applications that form a perfect seal across your car’s paint. Its superior durability, UV and oxidation resistance, easy cleaning, and enhanced gloss and shine will maintain that showroom finish for years.

It’s designed to bond to metal surfaces and fill in any pores that could allow dirt and debris to settle in. By creating a smooth shield that hugs your car, you can deflect environmental elements and better maintain its value.

Steps for New Car Owners to Protect Their Paint

Cilajet is a professional-grade paint protection applied by certified professionals. To gain the benefits of Cilajet, you’ll need to have it applied at the dealership.

Once applied, follow these basic maintenance tips to continue protecting your car’s paint:

  • Regularly wash your vehicle with a quality car shampoo to remove dust, dirt, and buildup.
  • Avoid using solvent cleaners on Cilajet.
  • Use a soft wash mitt to clean your car.
  • Carefully dry your car using microfiber towels to avoid leaving water spots.
  • Rinse your car as soon as possible if it’s exposed to sand or salt.
  • Use aftercare products, like our Quick Shine Car Polish to keep your car shiny between washes, or our Gel Wax to add another layer of protection and maintain a mirror-like shine without stripping the Cilajet coating.

It’s recommended to follow a Cilajet maintenance plan or schedule with your dealership. During service appointments, they can inspect your car’s coating and notify you when it’s time to reapply (usually once every five years).

DIY vs. Professional Paint Protection Application

DIY paint protection exists in the form of waxes, polishes, and sprays, some of which contain ceramic. While these products can add sparkle and shine to your ride, they’re not as long-lasting or as durable as professional-grade coatings.

Cilajet uses expert application techniques to ensure a smooth, even finish. Unlike waxes and polishes that can wash off after a few rain showers, Cilajet bonds to the vehicle’s surface and lasts for years.

How Cilajet Works: Ceramic Coating Process

Our ceramic car coatings are made of a silica-based liquid polymer that’s applied to the car’s surface and then cured to form a watertight, airtight bond. This layer acts like a shield for your car’s paint. It fills in any small pores or other areas where dirt and debris can settle.

By forming this layer, dirt and debris are more easily washed away. UV rays have a tougher time penetrating through to the paint, helping mitigate color fading and loss of gloss. Insects and bird droppings can’t damage the paint, either.

We cover the science behind ceramic coatings in greater detail in another blog post.

Real-Life Examples of Cilajet’s Impact

Cilajet has helped many new car owners preserve their investment and enjoy the ride even more. Take a look for yourself:

“Talk about a mirror finish! This is an actual picture of the reflection of my home in my Lexus paint after Cilajet was applied. I am sharing the goodness of Cilajet with everyone I know including my client, the Bijan Boutique in Beverly Hills!”

Juan Forteza, Owner of Forteza Designs

“With over 55 exotic and classic vehicles under our full time care, it is nice to know that Cilajet keeps them looking as if they just rolled off of the showroom floor.”

Scott Elrod, Owner of AutoConcierge

“[After Cilajet] It looked like a different car…it has this glow and shine…wow, this is smooth, I had to take a
second look!”

Kenny Lofton, Former Major League Baseball Player

“I have Cilajet on my plane, my Shelby, and my Red Bull helicopter! I love Cilajet!”

Chuck Aaron, World Famous Aerobatic Helicopter Pilot

“This is unbelievable to me, I’ve never seen a product work like this!”

Ryan Phillippe, Actor

Protect Your New Car Like a Pro

Auto paint protection is the finishing touch for a well-earned reward, and you’ll be glad you went the extra mile. Protect your investment with Cilajet, the Aviation Grade ceramic coating that keeps your car looking newer, longer. One coating lasts for years, making it easy to maintain the brand-new appeal that made you excited to buy your car in the first place.

Find a Cilajet dealership near you and learn more about the benefits of ceramic paint protection.