Auto Paint Protection Against bird droppings

Protect Your Vehicle Against Bird Droppings

Parking your car in the shade is a great way to protect your paint job from fading due to prolonged UV exposure. However, parking under a tree does come with the added risk of bird droppings. Packed with uric acid, bird droppings can wreak as much havoc on your car’s paint job as letting it sit in the sun all day. Car owners need a way to protect their vehicles from the harmful effects of bird droppings so they can stay shaded without damaging their paint. Cilajet is the way! Protect your vehicle from damage due to bird droppings with Cilajet today.

How Do bird droppings affect your vehicle?

To understand how bird droppings can impact your vehicle, it helps to know a little bit about their digestive system. Birds don’t have a bladder or stomach to separate solids from liquids like mammals do. Instead, their waste collects in an organ called the cloaca where it is mixed with uric acid. As a result, bird droppings have a natural pH level between 3 – 4.5, which is high enough to eat away at your paint job. 


Bird droppings do more damage if they are left untreated. During the day, heat from the sun will cause your vehicle’s surface to heat up and expand the paint molecules. This allows the uric acid from bird droppings to seep further into your paint job. At night, when the metal cools, the acid gets trapped inside your paint, corroding it over time. 

What Can be Done?

Protecting your car against damage from bird droppings means cleaning your vehicle’s surface at the first sign of bird poop. The uric acid in bird droppings acts quickly — especially on hot days — so it’s best to take immediate action with a quality car wash. 

Additionally, car owners should invest in an automotive paint protectant like Cilajet. Our proprietary formula uses advanced ceramic nanotechnology with graphene to actively repel against the most harmful environmental contaminants, including: 

  • Bird Droppings
  • Fading
  • Oxidation
  • Rust
  • Bugs
  • Brake Dust
  • Hard Water Deposits
  • Industrial Fallout

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Cilajet Ceramic paint coatings are true, Aviation Grade automotive paint protection products available to consumers that offers the same degree of protection for vehicles as they do with commercial jets. Using advanced ceramic nanotechnology with graphene, our proprietary formula actively repels against the most damaging contaminants your car encounters throughout its lifetime. With our automotive paint protection applied to your vehicle, you’ll enjoy long-lasting protection against bird droppings, acid rain, oxidation, and more.

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