Auto Paint Protection Against brake dust

Protect Your Vehicle Against Brake Dust

Brake dust is a natural, unavoidable part of car ownership that every auto enthusiast dreads. This dark-colored residue is comprised of tiny metal shavings that wear off from your rotor along with carbon fibers that rub off your brake pad. The result? Significant damage to your wheels and paint job. 

If left untreated, your wheels and vehicle exterior can quickly build up harmful and unsightly brake dust! Cilajet repels and reduces brake dust buildup, and by applying Cilajet automotive paint protection, you’ll enjoy long-lasting ability to protect against the damaging effects of brake dust on your vehicle’s wheels and exterior. 

How Does brake dust affect your vehicle?

Because brake dust is caused by metal shavings and carbon fibers coming from your rotors and brake pads, the majority of damage is caused to your wheels. These abrasive materials can eat away at the protective coating on your alloy wheels, making it more susceptible to corrosion and causing permanent damage.

Not only is brake dust harmful to your wheels, but it can also be extremely dangerous. An excessive amount of brake dust can accumulate on your brake calipers and rotors, reducing their overall performance. You can tell if you have excessive brake dust buildup when: 

  • You hear loud noises when applying the brakes
  • Your car vibrates when you try to brake
  • There are large amounts of dark residue on your wheels

What Can be Done?

Cleaning brake dust off your wheels is an easy process, but one that requires the proper cleaning materials to ensure total spotlessness. Stick to a regular car washing schedule to prevent against excess buildup and wheel corrosion. Another way to prevent against excessive brake dust buildup is by applying a protective coating. Cilajet Ceramic coating helps combat the buildup of brake dust as well as protect against many other environmental contaminants your car may encounter during its lifetime, including:

  • Bird Droppings
  • Fading
  • Oxidation
  • Rust
  • Bugs
  • Hard Water Deposits
  • Industrial Fallout

Find a Cilajet Dealer Near You!

Regular car wash and polish might offer temporary relief, but there’s nothing like the enduring protection that comes with Cilajet ceramic car coatings. Designed to withstand years of exposure to even the harshest environments, our ceramic paint protection offers the same degree of protection seen in commercial jets. Enjoy enhanced protection and resistance with the unmatched durability gained through Cilajet automotive paint protectant.

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