Auto Paint Protection Against bugs

Protect Your Vehicle Against Bugs

Most drivers don’t give a second thought to the occasional bug splattering over their vehicles exterior. Simply scrub off the bug residue during your next car wash, right? 


Bugs can cause much more of a problem than you might think for your vehicle’s paint job. Without the right automotive paint protectant, these pesky critters can wreak havoc on your exterior. Choose Cilajet to protect your vehicles exterior against damage from bugs! 


How Do bugs affect your vehicle?

It may surprise you to learn that most bugs have acidic bodies. That means whenever an insect gets squashed on your vehicle, the acidic compounds lingering in its body are splattered all over the surface as well. If left untreated, this residue can end up eating away at your paint job over time. 

In other cases, the damage may occur immediately. Some bugs’ acidity level is so high that they can begin degrading your car as soon as they get smashed on its surface. This is why it’s so important for car owners to act quickly when they notice bug residue on their vehicles and implement preventative measures whenever possible. 

    What Can be Done?

    There are several steps that car owners can take when they notice bugs have become squashed on their vehicle. First, wash the car and apply a bug removing treatment to ensure no acidity is left behind. Next, have Cilajet automotive paint protectant applied as a preventative to keep the vehicle protected from future damage. Our proprietary formula offers unparalleled protection against some of the most harmful contaminants your car encounters during its lifetime, including:   

    • Fading
    • Oxidation
    • Rust
    • Brake Dust
    • Hard Water Deposits
    • Bird Droppings
    • Industrial Fallout

    Find a Cilajet Dealer Near You!

    When bugs threaten your vehicle’s exterior, Cilajet offers the lasting protection you need to prevent against severe damage. Our advanced ceramic graphene technology helps shield your car from the most damaging contaminants, giving you a showroom-ready shine wherever you may roam.

    If you’re looking to strengthen your vehicle’s exterior protection, use our dealer locator tool to find an authorized Cilajet dealer near you today!