Auto Paint Protection Against fading

Protect Your Vehicle Against Fading

Your car is one of your most prized possessions, which is why it’s imperative to keep it protected from the effects of fading. Vehicles are exposed to many harsh elements that can speed up the fading process, leaving your car’s paint dull and lackluster. While fading is a top concern for car owners, it doesn’t have to be. By applying Cilajet automotive paint protectant, you can keep your car’s exterior as vibrant and shiny as the day you first drove it home!


How Does fading affect your vehicle?

Your car’s paint is one of its most defining characteristics. When the paint begins to fade, its aesthetic appeal starts to diminish tremendously. Suddenly the car you fell in love with has become a ghost of itself. 

Faded paint isn’t just unsightly. It can also have many other damaging effects on your vehicle, such as:

  • Decreased Value: As soon as your car’s paint starts to fade, its value begins to diminish. 
  • Increased Damage: If your paint starts fading, it’s a sign that your clear coat may be damaged, which can lead to further exterior damage, such as oxidation.

There are several factors that contribute to fading car paint, including sunlight exposure, road salt, and air pollution. While some of these cannot be avoided, there are actions that car owners can take to slow the fading process. 


    What Can be Done?

    One of the strongest ways to protect your vehicle from premature fading is by keeping it covered whenever possible. Park your car either in a garage, car park, or place a vehicle cover over it to keep it protected. Additionally, give your vehicle a proper wash and wax at regular intervals using safe cleaning solutions. 

    Applying automotive paint protectant is an excellent way to prevent against premature fading. Cilajet Ceramic paint protection actively protects against the leading causes of fading, including:

    • Oxidation
    • Rust
    • Bugs
    • Brake Dust
    • Hard Water Deposits
    • Bird Droppings
    • Industrial Fallout

    Find a Cilajet Dealer Near You!

    Keeping your investment protected starts with caring for your vehicle’s exterior. With Cilajet’s proprietary ceramic paint protection formula, your vehicle will have the protective coating it needs to slow the fading process. Our advanced technology won’t just help prevent against premature fading, but will also protect against some of the harshest contaminants your vehicle faces each day.

    Our paint protection products are only available through authorized dealers. Find a Cilajet dealer near you by using our dealer locator tool today!