Auto Paint Protection Against industrial fallout

Protect Your Vehicle Against Industrial Fallout

Whether you commute to a city, live near a train station, or work at a factory, chances are your car is exposed to some type of industrial fallout. Fallout can come from several different places, but no matter where it originates, it can cause serious problems for your vehicle’s paint job. Car owners need to protect their vehicles by investing in an automotive paint protection solution like Cilajet. 


How Does industrial fallout affect your vehicle?

Industrial fallout is essentially tiny metal shards that are dispersed throughout the environment. While these metal fragments can come from many different places, they most commonly occur in industrial areas like factories, train stations, and shipping yards. 

Regardless of where it comes from, industrial fallout is caused by the friction of metal against metal. As such, the metal shards are often extremely hot, making it easy to embed themselves into your car paint. Once wedged inside your paint job, the fallout can easily oxidize and rust your vehicle, leading to significant damage. Most commonly, industrial fallout damage results in a series of tiny orange dots of rust speckled over your vehicle’s surface. 


    What Can be Done?

    The only way to remove fallout from your vehicle is through chemical and physical treatment. A clay bar or fallout remover will help remove any protruding particles, but you should follow up with a quality car wash and wax. 

    Finally, apply a protective ceramic coating to keep future fallout damage at bay. Cilajet ceramic paint coatings use a proprietary formula of advanced ceramic nanotechnology with graphene to actively repel against the most harmful environmental contaminants. Our automotive paint protection protects against:

    • Industrial Fallout
    • Fading
    • Oxidation
    • Rust
    • Bugs
    • Brake Dust
    • Hard Water Deposits
    • Bird Droppings

    Find a Cilajet Dealer Near You!

    Cilajet automotive paint protection offers the highest degree of protection for your vehicle. In fact, the advanced ceramic nanotechnology with graphene used in our proprietary formula offers the same strength of protection for your vehicle’s exterior as it does for commercial jet exteriors. With our ceramic paint coating applied to your vehicle’s surface, you’ll enjoy long-lasting protection from the harshest contaminants your car may encounter.

    Bring enduring protection to your vehicle by finding an authorized Cilajet dealer near you today!