Auto Paint Protection Against Oxidation

Protect Your Vehicle Against Oxidation

If you’ve ever noticed that your vehicle’s paint has become chalky and faded, your car may be suffering from oxidation. This process occurs when your car’s paint breaks down over time due to exposure to harsh environmental elements. Essentially, your car paint begins to corrode, losing its oil content and drying out. 

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle protected against the effects of oxidation is by applying a ceramic paint protectant to its exterior. Cilajet’s line of automotive paint protection is specifically designed to keep your vehicle protected from the most severe environmental contaminants. Find an authorized Cilajet dealer near you today!


How Does oxidation affect your vehicle?

Oxidation is a slow-moving process, so it’s important to take advantage of preventative measures now before the effects become irreversible. Allowing your vehicle to succumb to oxidation can have many damaging effects, including: 

  • Fading: During the earliest stages of oxidation, you’ll notice your car’s paint will appear significantly faded as its color becomes less vibrant. 
  • Shine: When oxidation breaks down the oil in your car paint, it eliminates the glossy, smooth shine that once made it showroom ready. 
  • Texture: As oxidation progresses, your vehicle’s surface will start to feel rough and dusty as the clear coat begins to flake off in patches. 

Once oxidation has started to diminish your clear coat, it can leave your vehicle exposed to more significant corrosive agents, like rust. This is why it’s imperative to apply preventative treatments like ceramic paint coatings as early as possible.


    What Can be Done?

    While oxidation can cause significant damage over time, there are things that car owners can do to slow the process. Washing and waxing your car at regular intervals is a great place to start; however, ceramic paint coatings offer the strongest level of protection. Protect your car against oxidation with Cilajet. With Cilajet’s proprietary paint protection formula, you’ll enjoy protection against some of the harshest contaminants your car encounters each day, including:


    • Fading
    • Rust
    • Bugs
    • Brake Dust
    • Hard Water Deposits
    • Bird Droppings
    • Industrial Fallout

    Find a Cilajet Dealer Near You!

    Stopping the passage of time isn’t possible, but slowing down its effects with the proper preventative treatment is completely manageable with Cilajet. Through our ceramic paint coating, your vehicle will enjoy enduring vibrance and shine while remaining protected against environmental contaminants. As the highest quality paint protection in its class, we are confident in Cilajet’s ability to bring unparalleled strength and durability to your vehicle. 

    Interested in having Cilajet paint protection applied to your vehicle? Find an authorized dealer near you using our online locator tool today!